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At our orthodontic department you have the option of conventional braces or Invisalign at the best prices possible.
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One Stop Implants specializes in high quality and affordable dental implant surgery. We are delighted to
present our patients the convenience of permanently replacing missing teeth with dental implants in a single state-of-the-art location.

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We believe good habits start at childhood. At One Stop Implants and dental we take the comprehensive approach to dentistry and try to educate the children of our patients at…

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an advanced medical technology for the treatment of tooth loss. A titanium implant is implanted in the toothless area of the jawbone. The jawbone then fuses with…

Oral Surgery

At One Stop Implants and Dental we do most of our Oral Surgical procedure in house. With our state of the arts CT scan machines we are able to accurately…


A periodontist specializes in preventing and treating gum disease. The periodontist will examine and determine a course of actions for achieving and maintaining gum health. When there is gum disease,…


Orthodontics is one component of an overall dental plan. Although some individuals do not need this specialty, those who have crooked, protruding or misaligned teeth, improper bite, grinding or clenching…


With the new technologies available these days there are many choices for anyone to straighten out their teeth. One of which is Invisalign® where you use clear aligners which are…


The word Endodontic (say: en´ do-dontik) means inside the tooth. This is a field of dentistry that treats diseases that are found inside of a tooth. Part of the inside…

Cosmetic Denistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not general dentistry, in which the care is for the actual health of your teeth, but cosmetic dentistry instead is dental work that is completed purely for…


Includes prophylaxis (cleaning), fluoride, oral hygiene instruction, sealants, space maintainers Prophylaxis: is also referred to as a cleaning. It is preventive care performed by a hygienist that removes calculus (tartar),…


One Stop Implants is proud to be equipped with the latest diagnostic & imaging equipment in the market. Our radiographs are processed via a very sophisticated digital scanning system, lowering…

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